Sunday, December 5, 2010

Enjoy Rain to the Fullest

It is raining heavily in Chennai for the past two days. It looks like the city itself has got stuck in it. With water logging in each nook and cranny and “jaadus” with raincoat on the streets and the puzzled pedestrians busy to find their way to escape from the dirty water… the rain is lashing in the city. I personally love rain in my home town… rain means fun there. But in Chennai the case is a bit different. The color of water on the road itself will make one feel like puking... still I love the rain. :)

But how many in the city are spending a single day without blaming the rain in monsoon? Think!!!!!! Yea may be one or two....that’s it. Rest would be having time only to blame it for spoiling their beautiful day! I agree rain might be throwing life out of gear, but can one imagine a life without rain? Can some one can imagine living a year without any rainfall… always under the hot sun? No one can right! This thundershowers are essential for our life… rain is a bless of God for humans- It is a token of love from him-It shows how much he care for us!

After it rains, just observe your surrounding …Wow!!! How nice the trees and plants are looking!!!! They could not have happier than this… With a big smile on their face, they are enjoying… If they can enjoy, why the so called most intelligent creatures can’t enjoy it? It is just because the human being always give importance to themselves, they just want to fulfill their needs. But we should know that if there is no rain there will not be any life on earth…So instead of cursing the rain enjoy it to the fullest!!!!!!

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