Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keep yourself away from Alzheimers

Recently I went for a seminar in Chennai as a part of my assignment.The topic was quite interesting (may be you won't like but I liked)- 'Ageing brain! who at risk'. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Ralph Martins, a Professor in Ageing and Alzheimers Disease (AD),Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia.

It was an amazing speech, in which he explained about his experiences in his field.On his presentation he mentioned about one of his patient, a 33 year old lady with two kids. Just imagine yourself in place of her? Instead of leading a happy life with her husband and children in such a young age, her life is in its extreme opposite.. she sometimes won't remember them, recognise them... She would be in some other world almost all the time...

The most worst part about the disease is that till now the science is not able to find out a proper diagnosis method for it and a proper treatment to stop the progression of it. The recent studies showed that blood test and the testing of retina of eye may help to an extent to find out the disease in the initial levels. The amount of Apolipoprotein E in the blood would be in a low level in AD patients.

And how one can reduce the possibility of getting the disease? There is only one answer for that- Do a lot of exercise. Maintain a lot of physical activities,social engagement,mental stimulation and nutritious diet which would give you a healthy brain with less amount of amyloid, which is a major cause for the disease. Fruits like pomegranate, green tea, fish and curcumin can also act as anti-amyloid agents.

Do you know how the disease got its name?

German physician Alois Alzheimer presented the case of “Frau Auguste D.,” a 51-year-old woman brought to see him in 1901 by her family at a scientific meeting in November 1906,. Auguste had developed problems with memory, unfounded suspicions that her husband was unfaithful, and difficulty speaking and understanding what was said to her. Dr. Alzheimer studied about the disease and published his observation. In 1910 the disease was named after Alzheimer.

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